Pomp and Circumstance! Teenage Newsies Celebrate High School Graduation on Broadway

By Michael Gioia
20 Jun 2013

Hogan Fulton
Photo by Monica Simoes
Hogan Fulton
Age: 18
Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA

What high school did you attend? Thousand Oaks High School.
Favorite subject? My favorite subject is probably English because I like writing poetry.
Least favorite subject? Spanish because I can't hear it! I can't understand it. I know some words, but that's it.
Did you ever think you'd be graduating high school on Broadway? No, I did not at all! [Laughs.] But it was super exciting, and it was a lot cooler than just graduating at school. It was kind of funny, actually, because it was so crazy to have an audience there!
Favorite high school memory? I was on my way to rehearsal for a Shakespeare play in school, and that's when I got the call for Newsies, and I got to tell all my friends because I heard it right there.
What are your plans for after high school? I'm staying with the show for now, but I want to go to college eventually.
Dream schools? NYU [New York University] or USC [University of Southern California]. [I would go for] studio recording — music.
What other career path would you choose if you weren't on Broadway? Well, I said I like poetry… I also like songwriting, so I would like to do that.

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