Tales From the O'Neill: Summer Traditions Kept Alive

By Sophia Saifi
24 Jun 2013

Open Mic

Blue Gene's pub is the hub of all activity at The O'Neill. The evening doesn't start until after ten when the tiny watering hole begins filling up. Participants of the puppetry conference use the space as an excuse to show the more risqué side of their art form, and beautifully crafted marionettes belt out some hilariously bawdy one-liners. This year was the year of terrible jokes and worse puns emceed by the conference's acting advisor, Tyler Bunch. Besides the stand up routines, this is a time for performers to showcase some of their most bizarre work, from puppet cat romances to recitations of T.S Elliot's "The Wasteland." It's a great jumble of high and low culture. Most open mic nights end with a pilgrimage to Joe's food truck, which drives up to the O'Neill at midnight and has been serving hotdogs and burgers to hungry performers for the past five years.

Open mic night
photo by Alex Griffin