"Let Me Be Your Star"! High Schoolers Benton Felty and Emily Homburger Blog About the Jimmy Awards

By Benton Felty and Emily Homburger
28 Jun 2013

Benton Felty
Benton Felty: June 26

This is my third time ever in NYC, and it's seriously the experience of a lifetime. I feel like this is where I belong — although, I will be honest, the train ride into the city was a bit boring…but it was well worth it!

We met the staff today and all the other nominees, and we all hit it off like dynamite. Keisha Lalama, our choreographer, and Van Kaplan, our director, are going to be our main directors with Michael Moricz as the music director and arranger. After an icebreaker (with a lot of love for our fellow Pennsylvanians) we learned our opening number.

Now, I love openings and have heard quite a few, but this one is by far the best ever! The audience will love it. Although it was very taxing, I loved every second of it! But that's it for now, next time I blog I'll be the big "One Eight" (my birthday is June 27)!

Emily Homburger: June 26

Wow. What a crazy day! This is already one of the best experiences of my life — it's unbelievable.

The other kids are so nice and crazy talented. This is all completely overwhelming. I'm honestly super nervous for the coaching tomorrow and solos, but I'm so excited to work on the medleys and opening number!

Early morning tomorrow and a long day ahead — finishing it off with seeing my first show on Broadway, Annie! And, tomorrow is Benton's 18th birthday! Woohoo! Can't wait to blog about tomorrow.