PLAYBILL.COM'S BRIEF ENCOUNTER With Hunter Foster, Performing The Noteworthy Life of Howard Barnes at the O'Neill Theater Center

By Sophia Saifi
08 Jul 2013

Michael Kooman

Question: There are lot of other pop culture references in Howard Barnes. Apart from music theatre what other stuff do you enjoy?

Foster: I like Lady Gaga. I like people that are talented. She has a great voice. She plays the piano and she sings and she writes her own stuff. I dont like these manufactured pop stars.

Question: Speaking of people who write and produce their own stuff, you've been a librettist as well. Could you share what you're working on right now?

Foster: There are a few things thats kind of up in the air. Nothing tangible but I would love to write something and have it up at the O'Neill. That is a goal of mine. I'm directing a production of Summer of '42 at the Bucks County Playhouse. I start rehearsals Monday.

Question: It's going to be an interesting summer!

Foster:  It's going to be interesting to direct a piece that I wrote.

Question: I read that you were working on a musical based on a recent event. Is that still in the works?

Foster: I'd rather not talk about it. I don't want to give the idea away. It was definitely an event that happened in the past three to four years and it reflects your faith in something. You believe in something and suddenly it doesn't happen. How do you deal with that? Like you literally believe that something is going to take place. How do you live with that?

Question: And you're basing the musical on that idea?

Foster: Yeah, though I can't tell you the event!

Question: You had a guest role on on the ABC ballet dramedy "Bunheads." Have you considered moving into television or other mediums?

Foster: I mean it's not that easy, it's a different world. It's a different sort of skills set and they want different things than obviously people in New York do. I had a great experience on "Bunheads;" I  hope "Bunheads" gets picked up. That's still undecided. I would love to be a part of it.