PLAYBILL.COM'S BRIEF ENCOUNTER With Hunter Foster, Performing The Noteworthy Life of Howard Barnes at the O'Neill Theater Center

By Sophia Saifi
08 Jul 2013

Christopher Dimond

Question: Did you enjoy working with your sister (Sutton Foster)?

Foster: It was so much fun I wish we could do more of it. We're waiting to see what's happening with "Bunheads." 

Question: Have you considered other projects apart from "Bunheads" to work together?

Foster: If "Bunheads" doesn't work out we would love to do something together. A brother and sister type of show. I have a few ideas.

Question: Where do you see Howard Barnes going?

Foster: It's such a fun show and you get such a great reaction from the audience it definitely deserves a life. Obviously every show wants the Broadway experience, that is the goal. I think this show, it doesn't have to be on Broadway, it could be Off-Broadway, it could be regional. I think everywhere it goes, people will love it and enjoy it.

Question: What was like originating your role in Urinetown to now this? 

Foster: It was very similar in a lot of ways like this. Urinetown was a love letter to musical theatre. It (Urinetown ) was a room where we laughed a lot and this is a room where we laugh a lot. I think the more you enjoy yourself...that's why you get into this business, to have fun. That's why we love it. You should have fun when you're doing it.

Question: What was the most random job you had while you were trying to make it big in New York?

Foster: I worked at the Bank of Tokyo and I was one of the of the few English-speaking people in the office.

Question: In New York?

Foster: I worked in the office of the Bank of Tokyo. Everyone was from Japan and I was one of the only English-speaking people.

Question: Did you pick up any Japanese?

Foster: (laughs) Mush Mushi was the only thing I knew

Question: What does that mean?

Foster: "Hello," and that was only said when I answered the phone!

Question: What's next?

Foster: I'm going to be part of "Broadway 40". It's an interactive movie that they're putting together with all these iconic musical numbers like from Cats and from Pippin. Ben Vereen is involved. Betty Buckley is involved. It's going to be good.

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Hunter Foster and Sutton Foster
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