Which Role in a Broadway Revival Would You Most Like to Play?; Over 80 Actors Respond

By Andrew Gans
16 Jul 2013

Melissa Errico

Melissa Errico
I would love to play Anna in The King and I. I've always been fascinated by her, as we watch a woman bravely going to a new culture and sticking to her convictions about how people should be treated. She makes me laugh because she is nobody's fool and just knows her mind. Her own husband has just died, and she is a mother. I love that she opens a new door for herself, has a second chance in life, and learns to love again- she lets love come to her with natural and true delight. She is mature and has a mature story to tell, with a sense of humor and wit that can only come from having seen the harder sides of life and chosen to be plucky in life. Anna has so much playfulness, wisdom, kindness and integrity to bring to others. She forges a new path for herself and has such spirit- oh yes, with wonderful songs and dresses!  I do like dresses… Also, one more thing: the mother in Street Scene.

Kevin Earley
That is an interesting question. I just missed the Carousel revival and Billy Bigelow is a role I love playing. So that is on my list. Brigadoon (Tommy), Chess (Anatoly), City of Angels (either Stone or Stein). I'm not picky, I like a wide variety of the classics.