Which Role in a Broadway Revival Would You Most Like to Play?; Over 80 Actors Respond

By Andrew Gans
16 Jul 2013

Matt Bogart

Matt Bogart
I have been waiting for a revival of Camelot to play Lancelot, but if it doesn't happen soon, I'll have to play the role of Arthur. I toured with a streamlined version of the show starring Lou Diamond Phillips, and have always loved the themes and lines in the show, such as when Pellinore says: Who is that, Arthur? ARTHUR: One of what we all are, Pelly. Less than a drop in the great blue motion of the sunlit sea. But it seems some of the drops sparkle, Pelly. Some of them do sparkle! Run, boy! Run! That once there was a spot, for one brief shining moment that was known as Camelot.


Alison Woods
There are so many! But one of my favorite shows of all time is Into the Woods. If it was revived again, I would love to play Cinderella. (Or depending on how long it is until then, maybe the Baker's Wife!)