Which Role in a Broadway Revival Would You Most Like to Play?; Over 80 Actors Respond

By Andrew Gans
16 Jul 2013

Erik Altemus

Erik Altemus
Hmm, this is a tough one as I am currently working on a show I've always wanted to see revived...and usurping the role of the Emcee from the incredible Alan Cumming seems a bit far-fetched. Although it was just done on Broadway, it has always been a dream of mine to play Tony in West Side Story. I am a big fan of revisiting the classics, shaking them up and finding something new...Or maybe a totally twisted version of something like Side Show — only with two brothers. OK, now that is far-fetched.

Laura Jordan
Ahhh…this is a little tricky for me to answer, in that I love musical theater with the white-hot passion of a thousand suns, but unfortunately do not possess the skill-set normally associated with successful musical theater performers (i.e., can't dance a lick and am a serviceable singer at best). However, I burn to play Vera Charles in Mame. God, I love listening to Bea Arthur on the OBC. She is simply magnificent, and I take heart from her example of a successful musical theater performer who maybe didn't fit the mold. Also, I would adore playing Dottie in Noises Off and Phyllis in Alan Ayckbourn's Season's Greetings. Man, those are funny plays.