Which Role in a Broadway Revival Would You Most Like to Play?; Over 80 Actors Respond

By Andrew Gans
16 Jul 2013

Alison Fraser

Alison Fraser
I love this question! I get to play imaginary deep pocket producer! My choice would be a fabulously lush version of that valentine to a gentler New York, Lindsay and Crouse's adaptation of Life with Father, Clarence Day's autobiographical book of essays about growing up in New York around the turn of the century. The one before this last turn, I mean. I would be Vinnie the matriarch in a very becoming red Gibson wig and splendidly corseted gowns. I would get to be sweet and maternal and beloved, something I don't get to do very often on stage. And Father would be a handlebar mustachioed Kevin Spacey, because just imagining his apoplectic fits of confused pomposity is making me giggle. Then, after it is a huge success, it would become a big budget network tv series, but Kevin of course would be too busy with other commitments, so Maxwell Caulfield will take over the lead because who knew he was so hilarious? It will run long enough to go into healthy runs of syndication, and perhaps I will buy a beautifully appointed house high on the hill in Bel Air overlooking that fantastic canyon. But in case you were talking about musicals, Liza Elliott in Lady in the Dark is a dream role and it has never been revived on Broadway. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Christine Ebersole and Donna Murphy, I know. But a girl can dream can't she?