DIVA TALK: A Dozen Must-Have Female Vocal Recordings

By Andrew Gans
19 Jul 2013

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Andrea Marcovicci
"Marcovicci Sings Movies"

I was a sophomore in college when the buzz about a new cabaret singer, actress Andrea Marcovicci, made its way from New York to Massachusetts, and one crisp winter day I headed to Boston from the Brandeis University campus to purchase her first (and still my favorite Marcovicci) recording, "Marcovicci Sings Movies." I rushed back to our radio station, where I had a weekly show about the music of Broadway and cabaret, to listen to the LP in one of the private listening booths. I have a very vivid memory of listening to her rendition of "As Time Goes By," which was followed by the "Tootsie" anthem "It Might Be You," smiling broadly and thinking, "Okay, now I get all the fuss!" And, as unbelievable as it may seem, Marcovicci has been spellbinding audiences for more than two decades; in fact, she will celebrate her 65th birthday with two concerts at Joe's Pub this November. On that first recording, however, listeners can hear why the gifted artist, who delivers lyrics simply and honestly with a voice that is a charming mix of folk and Broadway, has such loyal fans. Highlights of the disc, recorded live in June 1987, include a belty rendition of the little-heard "Here Lies Love," a lovely reading of "Two for the Road," the beautiful ballad "Someone to Love" (I'm surprised this song isn't covered more) and a terrific medley of "All I Need Is the Girl," "Funny Face," "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" and "Fanny."