Rushing to the Theatre: A Guide to Student Rush, Lottery and Standing-Room-Only Tickets

By Carey Purcell
20 Jul 2013

What to Bring

Your student ID card is a must if you're going to try for student rush tickets. Whatever you do, don't forget that.

Bring sustenance. Depending on what show you want to see, you might be in line for a while. Make sure you bring enough food and drink to sustain you until the office opens.

Remember chairs, towels or blankets so you can sit down while in line. If you are buying SRO tickets, you don't want to be standing up for hours before the show even begins.

Find Middle Ground

If you're in line for standing-room-only tickets, you don't want to be first in line, but you also don't want to be last. Tickets are given out left to right. First in line is all the way to one side of the theatre, and last in line is at the other side. Try to get in the middle of the line, which will land you in the center of the theatre, with the best view of the stage. 

Have a Backup Plan

There's always a chance you might not get the tickets, so it's smart to have a Plan B. Find out what shows nearby might have tickets available, so you can still see some entertainment. Even if you can't see the show that you got up early for, you could be pleasantly surprised by discovering a new favorite play or musical.