CUE & A REVISITED: "How I Got My Equity Card"; Over 100 Actors Respond

By Playbill Staff
25 Jul 2013

Joshua Henry

Joshua Henry
My first job out of college, I played Judas in the musical Godspell at Paper Mill Playhouse.

Natalie Cortez
The national tour of Cinderella starring Eartha Kitt. It was total luck, really. It was [already] cast. Cinderella was Jamie-Lynn Sigler. However, [they needed a stunt double] for the magic trick where Cinderella changes into and out of the ball gown. So they held auditions for one more girl who could do an ensemble track and who looked like Jamie-Lynn. Et Voila! I got my Equity card.

Norm Lewis
I did a TYA tour called Four Score and Seven Years.

Adam Chanler-Berat
I'm a spoiled brat. Next to Normal at the reading before Second Stage.