Tales From the O'Neill: Highlights From The National Playwrights Conference

By Sophia Saifi
05 Aug 2013

Intern Dance Party

This summer the outdoor Edith Oliver Memorial Theatre was transformed into places as diverse as a warzone in Iraq (Martin Zimmerman's Solid Sand Below) to a remote cabin in Idaho (Samuel D. Hunter's A Great Wilderness), yet its most memorable guise must be as the location of this year's intern dance party.

The event's name might imply that it is only for the partying purposes of interns, but it is a night for playwrights, actors and senior staff to let off steam after a month of hard work.

The Edith was lit up in shades of violet and tangerine, and the stylized face of Eugene O’Neill himself illuminated the giant copper beech tree that covers the stage.

The best part was the stripper pole that stood proudly at the base of the Edith tree. The stage was the dance floor where Tony Award winners and young theatre students partied together. 

Dylan Zwickel, an intern at the O'Neill, said her favorite part about the party was the fact that "everyone gets to let loose and have fun together, and no one has to feel self-conscious because everyone is having a good time."

The party itself was a testament of the hard work of the sound and lighting teams. Released from the constraints of working on a prescribed project, they devoted their talents to the music and the manic mood of the evening.

After a month living and working together in very close quarters, a sense of community had been established at the O’Neill.

As Jillian Ruben, the internship coordinator, said, "by the end of July, everyone found a family here and everyone loves the O'Neill. We have the dance party as a way for everyone to say goodbye."