Tales From the O'Neill: Highlights From The National Playwrights Conference

By Sophia Saifi
05 Aug 2013

Live Band Karaoke

Designer Brian Lillienthal is a constant fixture on the porch of the Farmhouse, where he holds court, perpetually grilling something delicious and offering sage words of advice to his interns. 

Known lovingly as Uncle Brian, he is also the master wizard behind the grand live band karaoke that takes place every year at the O'Neill. It is a big bash that proclaims the end of the NPC. 

This year's event saw Auburn perform Johnny Cash's hit "Jackson," while playwrights Lauren Yee, Jeff Augustin and Michael Yates Crowley invoked Ike and Tina Turner with their own rendition of "Proud Mary."

According to Goldberg, live band is the brainchild of Lillienthal and designer Matt Callaghan. 

"Live band celebrates the singer in all of us and gives everyone an opportunity to shine, blow off steam and come together in an amazing atmosphere to close down the conference," said Goldberg.

Wendy herself performed with actors from The Solid Sand Below, Terrell Donnell Sledge and Brian Quijada. Known as "Dub G and The Swirlz," the hip-hop trio busted out a big band version of Michael Jackson's "Man In The Mirror" and brought the house down with their wild moves. 

With a band made up of Brian Lillienthal, Brad Simmons, Christopher Slaughter, Alex Jainchill, Dave Anderson and Benji Inniger, the music was the final goodbye to a truly memorable conference.