"Sing Out, Louise!" Our Top Ten Musical Theatre Diva Vehicles

By Ben Rimalower
05 Aug 2013

Julie Andrews in "The Sound of Music"

10. The Sound of Music

Rodgers and Hammerstein wrote many great leading roles for women from the beginning of their collaboration, but The Sound of Music stands out as a diva vehicle because Maria is the lead, not just the leading lady, not just the girl that is gotten by the guy, but the protagonist. This is Maria's story. The plot and most of the songs revolve around her. As a diva vehicle, The Sound of Music loses some stature by setting Maria's songs in the soprano range. Musical theatre is the home of the belt, but it's hard to quibble with such classic numbers as "My Favorite Things," "Do Re Me" and the title song. And Julie Andrews' voice was so pure and clear in the movie version, that in my book, it almost counts as belting.