Dinner, Movies and a Stroll in the Park? Broadway's First Date Cast Shares Favorite NYC Date Spots

By Michael Gioia
08 Aug 2013

Bryce Ryness

Bryce Ryness (Gabe/Edgy British Guy/Gilberto)

If I was in the dating world (read: if [my wife] Meredith and I could go on an awesome date and money and babysitters were not an issue), I would start the day early — 8 AM — and do breakfast on the Upper West Side. Maybe Sarabeth's or Toast. Then, we'd get scooped up in a town car (money's no object, right?) and head down for a nice walk along the Highline. Then, sally forth across the West Side Highway, climb on a helicopter and head out to Montauk for a lobster roll lunch. Next, board a sailboat for a sunset cruise back to the city. The town car picks us up at the dock and takes us to Beacon for dinner. Then home... and promptly fall dead asleep for 10 hours with no interruption... (Is it obvious that we have small children?)