Dinner, Movies and a Stroll in the Park? Broadway's First Date Cast Shares Favorite NYC Date Spots

By Michael Gioia
08 Aug 2013

Eric Ankrim

Eric Ankrim (Standby)

I would love anyone who's interested to come hang out with me [when I'm going on for Zachary Levi]. I will be posted up at the Longacre Theatre, just getting my swag on as aggressively as I can as a white, 32-year-old man, and maybe we could kick it from like 8 PM to 9:30 PM or something...? I'll be there. And I promise to be dressed well. Psst... I don't want to be too forward (being a married father of three), but word on the street is that 60% of the time, I kiss on the first date every time. #sexpanther