From Cocktails to Cupcakes: Tony Award Winner Cady Huffman's Culinary Picks of New York City

By Adam Hetrick
08 Aug 2013

Bar Americain (152 W 52nd Street).
Bobby Flay was on "Iron Chef" for so many years, and I try to get to all of the Iron Chef's restaurants. So, when Julie White won her Tony Award for The Little Dog Laughed – I've know her since I was 17 – I said, "Let's go to brunch." It was me and Julie, her daughter and a few other people. So, we sat down and I said, "So, where's your Tony Award now?" And she said, "Oh, it's in L.A., I guess." And I said, "Oh, that's okay, I brought mine!" And I pulled mine out of my purse and slammed it on the table! [Laughs.] They have so many different kinds of bacon. Cured pig! What is better than cured pig? And when you go to these nice places it's good. They know their farmers. We sampled every kind of brunch food and cocktail. I think of brunch as being kind of gluttonous. You're there and have nothing to do but get happy and stuffed, and boy, can you do it there. It's a very generous space, so you're not sitting too close to people. It's not very loud. It's elegant. I think I just think about that bacon – all the bacon all the time. And I remembered to take my Tony after all the cocktails!