AUDIO EXCLUSIVE: Five Songs from Maury Yeston's Tom Sawyer – A Ballet in Three Acts

By Adam Hetrick
15 Aug 2013

Huck Finn
"Huck Finn bursts onstage early in Act One just after Tom and Becky have become infatuated with each other in their school classroom and have danced a romantic but imaginary pas de deux. Just as this dance ends, Huck swings in on a rope, arriving in an explosion of musical energy, and pulls Tom out of his reverie – as well as out of the classroom. It's so helpful to envision an action like this onstage because finding the music for it becomes more of a specific task. Barefoot and rambunctious, these two paragons of boyhood leap out and dance athletically onto the plains. Tom may one day become civilized, but Huck will always retain his freedom and wild spirit. I wanted to give the two of them a story, to avoid too generic a scene. That's when I realized that, like most boys, they would compete to outdo each other, in this case they even dance a whistling contest!"

"Huck Finn"