Screen to Stage: Movie into Musical Success Stories

By Benjamin Solomon
16 Aug 2013

Ellen Greene in Little Shop of Horrors.

Little Shop of Horrors (1982)

Before he was Disney's go-to composer, Alan Menken was making a splash Off-Broadway with an adaptation of Roger Corman's campy, low-budget horror film from 1960. Before the musical, the almost-forgotten film was maybe best known for starring a young Jack Nicholson. But when Menken's musical became an Off-Broadway sensation, it helped turn Corman's film into a cult classic. Meanwhile, Little Shop of Horrors, the musical, became a massive success, launching Menken's career and inspiring a famous film adaptation directed by Frank Oz, not to mention a musical TV show in 1991. A Broadway revival and community theatre productions the world over also helped to secure its place in the catalogue of most beloved musicals.