Broadway Scene Stealers: The Women

By Ben Rimalower
22 Aug 2013

Felicia Finley
Photo by Joan Marcus

5. Felicia Finley, The Wedding Singer

While all the above women's achievements in stealing scenes are impressive, it is undeniable they were working with the advantage of a public primed for them to make a splash. The same cannot be said of Felicia Finley who had gained admirers for her well-regarded work as a replacement on Broadway in Aida and on tour in Evita, but who opened on Broadway in The Wedding Singer as essentially an unknown. It was also not an impediment to her scene-stealing that the character Linda, the bad girl who ditches the leading man at the altar, had only had a few short moments onstage. Finley's fiery prowess of both the comedy and rock and roll of her head-banging break-up-letter made a lasting impression and I still remember furiously flipping through my Playbill to see if she was coming back on before the end.