PLAYBILL PLAYLIST: Sierra Boggess Shares Her Favorite Andrew Lloyd Webber Songs

By Adam Hetrick
21 Aug 2013

"Beneath a Moonless Sky/Once Upon Another Time" from Love Never Dies. These two duets go back to back in Love Never Dies, and I have such fond memories of recording them in the studio with Andrew and Ramin. This song occurs when Phantom and Christine lay eyes on each other for the first time in ten years. When Christine finally speaks (through song) and sings gently at first, "I should have known that you'd be here," and then nearly breaks down, "How dare you try and claim me now" – and then they just tumble over one another through melody describing what their love was like... Gahh!! It's musically so passionate and it is perfectly written to feel as if they still cannot get enough of each other. Melody over melody. Ramin and I were recording this song in separate countries, he in London and I in NYC, and the take we finally used was when they flew me to the recording studio in London - we were in the same booth and could look at each other sing and feel the energy in the same room. When we finished that take Andrew and Nigel Wright said, "That's the one!" There was no question, the passion of this song and being able to have Christine and Phantom in the same room was just what we needed for the extra layer of desire!! Not to mention that this is the melody that comes BACK in in the end of the show when the gun shot goes off, making it even more heart breaking.

"Beneath a Moonless Sky."

"Once Upon Another Time."