The Soundtrack of Their Lives: Broadway Musicals Cater to Baby Boomers

By Robert Simonson
26 Aug 2013

Mary Bridget Davies
photo by Joseph Marzullo/WENN

"It's been the majority of the audience," said Todd Gershwin, a producer of A Night With Janis Jopin, which has had several productions across the nation prior to its Broadway debut. "Literally thousands, enjoying the show and harkening back to the days of Janis."

This did not come as a surprise to Gershwin or his fellow producers. "We always thought the baby boomers would be our audience for our show," said Gershwin.

"It's exciting for us when we're standing in the back," of the theatre, said producer Dan Chilewich. "These people are singing the songs and standing up several times."

Not everyone who comes to the show is an pre-invested fan of Joplin, though. "We've talked to a lot of baby boomers who weren't so familiar with Janis but have used the show to learn more about her," Gershwin pointed out.