Patti Issues PLAYLIST: The 12 Patti LuPone Videos That Inspired Ben Rimalower's Solo Show

By Ben Rimalower
24 Aug 2013

2. Evita 

Flash back to my first awareness of Patti in the EVITA commercial, when I was four.

That commercial is everything. Okay... First, there's a chorus screaming the name of the show, "Evita, Evita, Evita!" This show is important. This woman is important; it's young Patti, beautiful, blonde, bejeweled, beseeching Argentina not to cry for her. Why would a country cry for her? And what's with the army guy biting the cap off his beer? I smell danger...

Then, you get brassy, brunette belting Patti dancing and dressing like Debbie Allen in West Side Story, telling Buenos Aires to stand back with a vibrato that leaves them no choice. She is threatening, warning us we oughta know what we're gonna get in her. She says it's just a little touch, just a little touch, but I can tell she means a lot.

Back to blonde Patti, only now she's singing "just a little touch" too. Blonde Patti singing Brunette's Patti's song is like the end of the Thriller video when nice Michael Jackson's eyes glow red. Nice Patti's a zombie too! It's scary. And it's exciting! She smiles and the way her eyes light up, you know whatever shit goes down, it's gonna be a good time.