Patti Issues PLAYLIST: The 12 Patti LuPone Videos That Inspired Ben Rimalower's Solo Show

By Ben Rimalower
24 Aug 2013

3. "A New Argentina" 

I was lucky enough to have an uncle who knew everything about theatre (with a best friend who knew everything about Patti LuPone). In the days before Youtube, they hooked me up with all the essentials, starting with Patti's incendiary performance in "A New Argentina" at the 1980 Tonys. Uncle Mitchell and Kenn made sure I didn't miss Patti's double-take as Eva betrays her true intentions, "We'll — YOU'LL be handed power on a plate…" And they told me that the high note Patti belted in full chest voice ("…is one OF you") is a G, the same note as in "If I Loved You" in Carousel. All I knew was Patti didn't pause for breath. Neither did I.