PS Classics Releases Maury Yeston's Tom Sawyer – A Ballet in Three Acts Aug. 27

By Adam Hetrick
26 Aug 2013

A Murder
"The murder scene at the end of Act Two features Injun Joe, Doc Robinson, and Muff Potter (the town drunk) excitedly digging up a chest of gold from behind a grave in the cemetery. At first sight of the gold, a fight begins. Muff has drunk so much he passes out, but the other two fight to the death. A knife appears, and Injun Joe stabs Doc, places the bloody knife in the hand of the unconscious Muff, and steals away with the chest of treasure – all under the twinkling stars. The music must not only be exciting and support the violence of the fight choreography, it has to imprint itself on our memory because I must have Tom dance a version of it during the Trial as his testimony, when he later 'describes' (in dance) the action, the thrusts of the knife, and the truth of who actually committed the crime."

"A Murder"