Theatre Lovers James Robert Adams and Jonathan Judson Boyles Design PlaybillVIP for Their Wedding

By Carey Purcell
28 Aug 2013

Adams and Boyles have been together for 17 years, and Boyles said he was originally opposed to the idea of getting married.

"I had been a proponent of, 'We don't need to get married. We're fine together and what we have is great,' and I didn't necessarily want to be seen as an assimilationist of heterosexual marriage," he said. "Then something about it all of a sudden seemed important. I think it's important for ourselves and important politically for there to be people that are married."

The two, who live near the Brooklyn Academy of Music, are frequent theatregoers. (Adams has more than 170 Playbills in his collection.) The two have been fans of Rent for years and frequently entered the lottery to win front-row tickets to the musical. And, while the Spotify account for their apartment contains numerous songs from the Jonathan Larson musical, they do not have any showtunes set in their wedding playlist — yet.

Boyles, who will be DJing the reception, said he has not ruled out the possibility of adding some songs from cast recordings. When asked who they would like to perform at their wedding ceremony, Adams immediately chose Patti LuPone, and Boyles selected Stew.

Adams and Boyles' Playbill has been a hit, receiving rave reviews from their family and friends for its sentimental value as well as its practical use.

"I've had multiple friends say that looking at it made them teary," Boyles said. "And when my sister looked at it, she would start to read something and think, 'I don't know who that person is.' Then she'd read some more and say, 'Oh, I do know who that is!'"

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"The whole process was really hard work, but it was fun," Adams added. "We're really happy with the product. The process of putting it together made us realize there are all of these stories to be told."

"Initially, the way we thought about this was it was going to be an invitation or a program for the event," Boyles said. "I think it's turned into more a collector's piece from the wedding, sort of the same way you have going to see a piece of theatre. This will always be around to remind us and our friends what it was all about, the same way a Playbill does that. You can go back and look at it years after seeing a show."

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