Broadway on the Web: Wesley Taylor and Mitchell Jarvis Prove That "It Could Be Worse" in Theatrical Web Series

By Michael Gioia
16 Sep 2013

Wesley Taylor and Gideon Glick

On the production end, Jarvis refers to Taylor as "the production organizer" and manager. "He'll always get the schedule together, get the actors there, scout [locations] and secure locations," said Jarvis, who is usually behind the camera unless he is playing Sam Atkinson, Jacob's drugged-out agent. In order to produce professional video quality, Jarvis read up on lighting tricks, sound quality and emphasized cutting out material that "exposes" the web series as "amateur."

"Oh, we're very ghetto," confessed Taylor. "I mean, Audra McDonald called us 'Ghetto Productions.'" Although the series creators admitted to using tricks such as actors also being the microphone operators, their web series quality is crisp, clean and professional.

Watch the third episode, where Jacob Green encounters Ben Farrel (Chanler-Berat), the new object of his affection. Taylor admitted that in close scenes with Chanler-Berat, they often alternate holding the microphone underneath the camera sightlines.

"It's tricky," said Taylor. "We're a two-person crew. We don't have people helping. My boyfriend Gregg Wiggins is a director, [and] he was [assistant director] for us on our last big epic shoot of 30 people in a small studio apartment — 20 extras and the cast. It was a ten-hour shoot, and it was so epic, and we needed someone to help us. [Mitchell's] girlfriend wrangled the extras, and my boyfriend ran the day… It was surprising how much easier everything was when you have someone making sure you're not running low on time and announcing each shot and telling the background what to do… Usually it's just me and [Mitchell]… I feel like most of the magic happens in the editing [room], and it just gives you so much respect for editing…"

"It's a beautiful lie," Jarvis interjected. "It's probably I'd say 60 hours [of editing] work an episode — depending on the content of the episode."

Watch the tenth episode of the series, in which Jacob has a big party (with 20 extras) at his apartment: