The Top Ten Musicals Captured Live on Stage

By Ben Rimalower
21 Sep 2013

3. Sunday in the Park with George

Keeping the Sondheim streak going, Sunday in the Park with George is another Sondheim original production blissfully preserved on video. In this case, it's a godsend, because no one will ever touch Mandy Patinkin and Bernadette Peters at their idiosyncratic, exquisite best in this Pulitzer Prize-winning musical. The roles of George and Dot/Marie require sensitivity, intelligence and musicality, which are both performers' fortes and neither has ever been better than in Sunday in the Park with George. If some of the scenes with other characters suffer in the transition from stage to video (again directed for television by Terry Hughes), it's a small sacrifice in exchange for what is gained by having Patinkin and Peters in glorious close-up. This is a piece of work about the souls of an artist and his muse, and the video allows for its depths to be investigated and reinvestigated at different points in time. I always discover and appreciate new things about this incredible work of art.