PLAYBILL PLAYLIST: Once Upon a Time in New York City Songwriters Pick Songs that Define "City Livin'"

By Michael Gioia
19 Nov 2013

Lauren Marcus: "Wild World" (Cat Stevens). This may be a strange answer — as I first heard this song when I was really young and sort of misunderstood what it was about — but, as a kid, I totally honed in on a girl leaving, not getting by on a smile, and being somewhere that was not safe… All of which I immediately (in my eight-year-old head) equated with NOT BEING IN THE SUBURBS, which was all I was familiar with at the time. I just envisioned this crazy, scary city life that I so knew I wanted to be a part of, even if Cat Stevens was telling me it was wild. I mean, the song was clearly sung to me and while he was sad I was leaving, he understood that I had to go.