CUE & A REVISITED: Over 70 Actors Share Their Audition Songs

By Playbill Staff
30 Nov 2013

Stephen Kunken
Stephen Kunken
"I Feel Pretty" or "Rose's Turn." Depends on the day.

Noah Robbins
The opening scene of "8 Mile"

Rachel de Benedet
"How Can I Quit Now?" cut from The Last Smoker in America

Alan Campbell
Cole Porter's "Girls" and an old Platters song.

Maxwell Caulfield
"Sunset Boulevard"

Matt Cavenaugh
Oh jeez. Whatever song they send me to learn. Truthfully, my audition book is pretty bad.

Sarah Stiles
"What More Do I Need?"

Gregg Edeman
Audition? WHERE?!

Michele Pawk
"Sam, You Made the Pants Too Long" and "Once Upon a Time"

Jackie Hoffman
"The Border Song" by Doug Cohen