Dreaming of a Barry White Christmas Plays Liverpool's EchoTwo @ Echo Arena Beginning Dec. 17

By Carey Purcell
17 Dec 2013

Keddy Sutton
Keddy Sutton

Dreaming of a Barry White Christmas, a holiday show featuring songs by Barry White, premieres at EchoTwo @ Echo Arena Dec. 17. 

Written and directed by Dave Kirby, the production, which is the only festive-themed show to play Liverpool stages this winter, runs through Dec. 21.

The cast includes Andrew Schofield (Reds and Blues, Blood Brothers), Alan Stocks (Scouse Pacific, Little Scouse on the Prairie), Paul Duckworth (Reds and Blues, Scouse Pacific), Lenny Wood (Night Collar, Nightmare on Lime Street) and Gillian Hardie and Keddy Sutton (Scottie Road the Musical).

Here's how Echo Arena describes the show: "Thomas Minge (Andrew Schofield) owns a small, dilapidated warehouse in Liverpool. He despises everything — happiness, laughter, modern music, spending money — but most of all he hates Christmas. Meanwhile, his four drunken, dysfunctional employees can't wait to start the festive season! When they find out they're about to be sacked by their miserable employer they set out to discover a way to ensure their survival. They soon uncover a few 1970's skeletons in Thomas's dirty closet, including old platform shoes, a load of Viagra and the mysterious Hairy Mary! The arrival of a weird deranged tramp ensures some crazy festive hilarity!"

More information can be found by visiting echoarena.com.