Guinness World Records Declares 95-Year-Old Radu Beligan World's Oldest Active Actor

By Carey Purcell
18 Dec 2013

The Guinness World Records has declared Romanian actor Radu Beligan as the world's oldest active actor, according to the Associated Press.

The 95-year-old was presented with a certificate confirming his entry in Guinness World Records Dec. 15.

Beligan made his stage debut in 1937 in Crime and Punishment. He currently performs in Jean Anouilh's Number One, playing playwright Leon Saint-Pe.

Throughout his 76-year career, he starred in 80 plays, acted in 30 films and made numerous television and radio performances.

"I have no merits at all. I am the result of the love you've shown me for so many, many years," Beligan said.