Dan Lauria, David Deblinger, Anthony De Sando, Rachel Spencer Hewitt Set for Reading of A Queen For A Day

By Andrew Gans
24 Dec 2013

The Private Theatre and director John Gould Rubin will present an invitation-only reading of Michael Ricigliano, Jr.'s A Queen For A Day Jan. 6, 2014, at Merkin Concert Hall at Kaufman Music Center.

Directed by Rubin, the reading will feature Dan Lauria, who’s currently starring in A Christmas Story, as well as David Deblinger, Anthony De Sando and Rachel Spencer Hewitt.

“A Queen for a Day," according to press notes, is a "term of art used to describe written 'proffer agreements' between federal prosecutors and individuals under criminal investigation. One day proffer sessions permit these individuals to tell the government about their knowledge of crimes, with the understanding that their words will not be used against them in any later proceedings."

Ricigliano’s play takes place in the winter of 2011, "shortly after the largest coordinated sweep of organized crime in history. The lead character, Nino, is a Captain in a NY crime family. He reluctantly agrees to a 'proffer session' to speak about his younger brother who is the acting boss of his 'family.' In the play, we learn of Nino’s Brooklyn upbringing, his personal demons and ultimately the reason he agrees to become A Queen for a Day."

For more information visit www.theprivatetheatre.org.