National Theatre's The Shed to Include Two Solo Shows and Return of Documentary Theatre Piece Home

By Mark Shenton
02 Jan 2014

The new slate of productions at the National Theatre's The Shed will include two solo shows performed by Olwen Fouéré and Michaela Coel, as well as a return run for Nadia Fall's documentary theatre piece Home, which was previously premiered at the Shed.

Riverrun, Fouéré's own adaptation of part of James Joyce's "Finnegans Wake," will begin performances March 11 prior to an official opening March 12 for a run of 13 performances only through March 22. Produced by TheEmergencyRoom and Galway Arts Festival, it is adapted, directed and performed by Fouéré and co-directed by Kellie Hughes. Following its world premiere at the 2013 Galway Arts Festival, riverrun was also performed at the Kilkenny Arts Festival and the Dublin Theatre Festival 2013.

Chewing Gum Dreams will begin performances March 17 for a run through April 5. Written and performed by Michaela Coel and directed by Nadia Fall, it was the winner of the 2012 Alfred Fagon Award for the best new play by writers of Caribbean and African descent in the U.K. According to press materials, the play concerns "Tracey Gordon, the 67 bus, friendship, sex, UK garage, school, music, teachers, friendship, periods, emergency contraceptive, arse and tits, friendship, raves, tampons, white boys, God, money. Friendship. Aaron, Candice, sex and Connor Jones." The piece was developed at, and is supported by, The Yard Theatre, and will play concurrently with riverrun and Home.

Home will begin performances Mach 26 prior to an official opening March 31 for a run through April 30. Originally premiered at the Shed in August 2013, it brings to life the unheard voices of the young residents and staff who live and work behind the anonymous concrete walls of a hostel for homeless people. Created and directed by Nadia Fall, the cast of actors and musicians includes Michaela Coel, Jonathan Coote, Kadiff Kirwan, Ashley McGuire, Grace Savage and Toby Wharton.

Public booking opens Jan. 10. To book tickets, contact the box office on 020 7452 3000, or visit