The Lady's Got Potential: Top Ten Up-and-Coming Musical Actresses

By Ben Rimalower
04 Jan 2014

Natalie Joy Johnson

Natalie Joy Johnson (@NJJisRELENTLESS)

Since her Off-Broadway debut singing the tearjerking "Quiet Night At Home" in the seminal Bare: A Pop Opera, by the late, great Damon Intrabartolo, Natalie Joy Johnson has proven to be that rare find — the funny girl who can break your heart. This versatility has served her well, as she's moved easily between a variety of featured roles on and Off-Broadway, recently replacing Tory Ross in Kinky Boots.  Also, Johnson, with her rich, warm and thrilling voice, has had continued success as a cabaret singer, bridging the gap between mainstream and alternative genres. For those unquenched by her supporting role in Kinky Boots, Johnson and musical prodigy Brian Nash offer the late-night tonic "Codependent Mondays" every week at Therapy Bar on West 52nd Street.