Playbill Poll: Our Readers Pick the Broadway Musicals They Want to See Josh Groban Headline

By Playbill Staff
12 Jan 2014

The Phantom of the Opera

Dan Hoffman: Phantom of the Opera

Lea Passione: Josh Groban in Phantom of the Opera

Jennifer Leary: Chess revival or honestly I'd really like to see him take on Phantom or Raoul.

Andrea Chilikiewicz: Like many people, Josh Groban *needs* to come to Phantom. I don't see him as The Phantom, but he has the perfect range for Raoul. 

Becky Hancox: Phantom of course! 

Tina Doelling: I would love to see him as the Phantom.

The Phantom of the Opera is currently the longest-running production in Broadway history and is about to mark its 26th Broadway anniversary later this month.