"I'm the Greatest Star" The Essential Barbra Streisand on Disc

By Ben Rimalower
25 Jan 2014

13. "Yentl" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1983)

Everything that makes "Yentl" a bizarre movie — namely the extensive, introspective Michel Legrand musical soliloquys belted to the heavens by Barbra Streisand while none of the other characters sing — is precisely what makes "Yentl" a dynamite Barbra Streisand album. As a matter of fact, the worst thing you can say about the "Yentl" album is that there aren't enough songs, with reprises and alternate releases padding what is essentially only nine songs. Still, Streisand is in top form on these recordings. My personal favorite is "This Is One Of Those Moments," where you feel like you're flying through history on the wings of Streisand's magical voice.