CUE & A REVISITED: What's Your Worst Flubbed Line/Missed Cue/Onstage Mishap?; Over 90 Actors Respond

By Playbill Staff
22 Feb 2014

Euan Morton

Euan Morton
Getting attached to the set in Taboo and having to follow it off the stage when it rolled away…awful.

Bebe Neuwirth
The list is endless. But opening night, somewhere in Florida, 1979, I was Cassie in A Chorus Line. During the Cassie dance, I caught my heel in my red skirt and wound up in a sit spin, center stage. Alone and reflected in all 5 mirrors.

Jefferson Mays
I once vomited onstage in a preview of Keith Reddin's Life During Wartime and the director asked me to keep it in.