CUE & A REVISITED: What's Your Worst Flubbed Line/Missed Cue/Onstage Mishap?; Over 90 Actors Respond

By Playbill Staff
22 Feb 2014

Carrie Coon

Carrie Coon
Face-plant off of a library ladder on opening night of Misalliance at the American Players Theatre in Spring Green, WI. The audience applauded my rising curtsy because they were pretty sure I was dead.

Billy Magnussen
I forgot my own character's name once.

Nic Rouleau
I played Woody in Toy Story: The Musical for Disney Cruise Line. At the end of the show, Buzz and Woody are supposed to fly off while attached to a rocket to catch up to Andy's car.

Well something happened one night with the fly system and only Buzz flew off while I was left standing on the ground. Alone. Poor Andy... Woody never returned that night.

Jay Armstrong Johnson
I forgot my ENTIRE monologue in A Chorus Line on the first national tour. Just stood there trembling and speechless for about 30 seconds, which felt like 3 hours.