CUE & A REVISITED: What's Your Worst Flubbed Line/Missed Cue/Onstage Mishap?; Over 90 Actors Respond

By Playbill Staff
22 Feb 2014

Annaleigh Ashford

Annaleigh Ashford
When I was playing Glinda in Wicked, I fell backwards and my skirt went up over my head.

Lesli Margherita
Ooh, so many. 1. I was doing a staged workshop, and we all entered behind a scrim. As I walked behind it, my tights were a little twisted, so I hiked my skirt up around my waist and tugged them around quite violently before putting my skirt back down... nobody told me the scrim was fully lit and see through.

2. The very first day of rehearsal for Zorro in London we were doing choreography. Everyone was there and I raised my hand and asked loudly, “Sorry, but is there any way to get me a rehearsal skirt? I just can’t wear pants when I dance.” There was deafening silence. In Britain, “pants” is the word they use for underwear.

Lena Hall
Losing my tail during the Jellicle Ball in Cats