ONSTAGE & BACKSTAGE: Springing Forward With Disaster and Revisiting History With Andrea Martin

By Seth Rudetsky
10 Mar 2014

Andrea Martin
Photo by Monica Simoes
Over at Disaster!, Euan Morton's son came to see the show and also reviewed it! His name is Iain Morton and he's 50 years old. Without the zero. That's right, he's five! So cute! He informs his viewing audience that Disaster! is based on those "old-fashioned movies... in the long time ago." His Mom, Lee Armitage, wrote that his statement was an improvement from his first take where he recounted that Disaster! is based on disaster movies from the 1700's. Watch this

The hilarious Andrea Martin is not only in tech for the new Lincoln Center play Act One, but she's also finishing up her first book! It's so great... filled with essays about her life and career and the last one she wanted to write was about SCTV. But she wanted some help remembering. "SCTV" went off the air in the mid-'80's and she wasn't like me in high school who obsessively watched it every weekend and taped it on a new-fangled VCR so her sketches could be memorized and acted out. I told Andrea I'd help jog her memory and I wanted to make sure the chapter was filled with "SCTV" info that fans would eat up. I emailed two of my close friends, Anne Martin and Tim Cross, because while we were at Oberlin we would go to the library (the only place with VCRs) and watch "SCTV" episodes non-stop. I thought they could help me come up with some questions to make Andrea remember all those years ago. Here's what I wrote:

Hello, fellow SCTV fans!
Andrea Martin is writing a book and the only chapter she hasn't written is the SCTV one. I'm going over there on Monday to help jog her memory.
I want the chapter to be interesting to fans.
Would you guys send me some questions you have about SCTV? What you'd be interested in knowing if you were reading her book???

This is the reply I got from Tim: Why are you writing A) as if you don't really know us and B) as if human communication is unfamiliar to you?

Regardless, I went over there and had the best time. Andrea was devastated that her coffee pot broke and she had to use a French Press instead. We were both complaining that it's impossible to keep the coffee hot. She said that after you drink the first cup, you go back for the second and the French press is so cold "you might as well have a lovely snowman in there." We sat and watched sketches I had loved when I was younger and they are still so funny! I mentioned "High Q," and she told me that Catherine O'Hara had written the entire sketch herself. Watch! To this day, Tim and I still say "The Beatles"? Then, I came across the original Brenda Vaccaro Tampax ad that Andrea does a hysterical parody of. This is the actual commercial, and here's Andrea's parody

All right, I have to get to Disaster! understudy rehearsal. But! I forgot to mention last week that I had a great profile artice printed in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, San Francisco Chronicle and basically everywhere. Why? Because it was AP. I had no idea AP articles are picked up everywhere! So thrilling!!! Here's the article. Peace out!

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