From Romeo and Juliet to Of Mice and Men, A Look at the 2013-14 Season: The Play Revivals

By Playbill Staff
18 Apr 2014

Show: No Man's Land / Waiting for Godot
Theatre: Cort Theatre
Preview: Oct. 26, 2013
Opening: Nov. 24, 2013
Closing: Mach 30
Creators: No Man's Land written by Harold Pinter. Waiting for Godot written by Samuel Beckett. Direction by Sean Mathias.
Original Principal Cast: Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Billy Crudup and Shuler Hensley.
Synopsis: In Harold Pinter's No Man's Land, according to press notes, "two elderly writers, having met in a London pub, continue drinking and talking into the night. All might be well, until the return home of two younger men. Their relationships are exposed, with menace and hilarity, in one of Pinter's most entertaining plays."

In Waiting for Godot, "two wanderers wait by a lonely tree, to meet up with Mr. Godot, who they hope will change their lives for the better. Instead, another couple of eccentric travellers arrive, one man on the end of the other's rope. The results are both funny and dangerous."

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