PLAYBILL ON OPENING NIGHT: Hedwig and the Angry Inch — Neil in Heels

By Harry Haun
23 Apr 2014

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The true silly intent of the story (which was always subversively, snickeringly there) shines like the sun through the plot cracks, but it's nothing producers with deep pockets can't remedy. Hence, Hedwig and the Angry Inch Goes to Broadway.

David Binder, a producer famous for thinking outside the box and bringing improbable people and properties together into a good box-office mix, pitched the part to Harris years ago and waited patiently until "How I Met Your Mother" ran its course. Lest some kind of collective cardiac befall Hedwig's faithful cult-followers, groundwork was called for. A preamble updated by Mitchell and Harris did the trick.

"It was important to explain why Hedwig is now on Broadway," reasoned Harris. "People saw it done in smaller venues. It's really a show that's fit for smaller venues.

"We didn't want to make just a Vegas version that was just bigger and glitzier and more glamorous. We needed to explain why we're here on Broadway, so we had to front-load it with an explanation so we created a fictionalized musical that has recently closed and, through barter, they've allowed her to have one final night before they tear the set down. That conceit allowed for jokes and some exposition."

Apparently, this bogus show — a musical version of the Oscar-winning flick, "The Hurt Locker" — really did, as they say, close at intermission, and left the building in such haste it didn't strike the set. A dusty 1973 Gremlin from American Motors Corporation has been abandoned on stage — something for Hedwig to play on and in.

Other clues of a speedy retreat can be found under the seats — scattered Playbills left by disgusted patrons. Hurt Locker The Musical, with a book by Tony Kushner and Brandon Nipp and words and music by Metallica and Stephen R. Schwartz, starred — for about an hour or so — Bobby Cannavale, Taye Diggs, Michael Cerveris and D'Bree Dazeem, "sister of Broadway legend Adele Dazeem." In a show that lists a running time of six hours and four minutes, songs include "Tic, Boom! (Bombs)," "What's With All These Goats?" and "When Love Explodes," which rates reprises.