The Tony Awards' 7 Deadly Sins: Actresses Who Were Nominated in the Wrong Category

By Ben Rimalower
07 Jun 2014

Dorothy Loudon
Photo by Martha Swope

2. Dorothy Loudon

1977 Tony Award winner, Best Actress In A Musical for Annie

Should have been nominated for Best Featured Actress In A Musical

At least Daisy Eagan won, whatever the category. Poor Andrea McArdle doesn't even have a Tony! My point here is going to be my most controversial, but please hear me out. I know we all worship Dorothy Loudon and consider her Miss Hannigan in Annie one of the great Broadway triumphs of the last century. That said and despite all of Loudon's undeniable star wattage commandeering that stage, I maintain Miss Hannigan is the bad guy, the comic foil, perhaps the definition of a featured role. Before you start throwing things at me, think of it this way: In my version of history, Dorothy Loudon would still have won a Tony for Annie, albeit as Best Featured Actress In A Musical, and then with the unbeatable Loudon out of the category, Andrea McArdle could have won her rightful Tony for Best Actress In A Musical for her peerless performance as Annie. I rest my case.