The Tony Awards' 7 Deadly Sins: Actresses Who Were Nominated in the Wrong Category

By Ben Rimalower
07 Jun 2014

Elaine Stritch
Photo by Denise Winters

1. Elaine Stritch

2002 Tony Award winner, Best Special Theatrical Event for Elaine Stritch at Liberty

Should have been nominated for Best Actress In A Musical

I certainly don't begrudge Elaine Stritch the Tony Award for Best Special Theatrical Event for Elaine Stritch At Liberty. It's a category that's never really made much sense to me, which I suppose is the point, as it's designed to be versatile, broadly conceived to include a range of potential productions from the brass/percussion concert Blast! to diva recitals by Barbara Cook and Liza Minnelli to Kiki and Herb: Alive on Broadway. In my estimation (and that of the Drama Desk Awards), Elaine Stritch At Liberty was a musical, or I would at least argue a narrative theatre piece, not just an event, but my main beef is with Elaine Stritch's exclusion from Best Actress In A Musical category, which she surely would have won. We have been so fortunate to have the titan walking among us. Now she's retired in Michigan with only her Special Theatrical Event Tony and we have reaped the Broadway we sowed.

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