A.C.T. Adds Two Productions to Upcoming Season, Including Underneath the Lintel With David Strathairn

San Francisco's American Conservatory Theater has announced two additional productions for its 2013-14 season, including Academy Award nominee David Strathairn in Underneath the Lintel and a new adaptation of the Eduardo De Filippo comedy Napoli!

Strathairn ("Lincoln," "Good Night, and Good Luck") will star in the solo drama by Glen Berger that runs Oct. 30-Nov. 24. According to A.C.T., "In this gripping ghost story an eccentric librarian discovers a weather-beaten book in a return bin—113 years overdue. Sparked by a message left in its margins, he embarks on a magical quest that takes him around the world and 2,000 years into the past. With astonishing twists and turns, Underneath the Lintel draws us into an unforgettable odyssey..." From Feb. 12-March 8, 2014, A.C.T. will stage Napoli!, featuring Marco Barricelli and Seana McKenna ( Phèdre). Here's how it's billed: "During the chaotic days of World War II in Naples, an enterprising woman sets up a small-time black market business to keep her family afloat. She prospers, but maybe a bit too much—compelling her husband to ask hard questions about morality, civility, and the state of their society. De Filippo’s masterful blend of humor and pathos tells the story of an unforgettable and wildly entertaining family determined to survive at any cost."

As previously reported, A.C.T. will also produce a new production of the musical 1776, directed by Tony Award winner Frank Galati; and B.D. Wong starring in a new adaptation of the Chinese epic The Orphan of Zhao. Click here to read more about the season.

For more information, visit act-sf.org.