Alec Baldwin, Harold Prince, Tina Fey, Patti LuPone and More Offer Elaine Stritch a Quotable Sendoff

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20 Apr 2013

Rob Bowman
Photo by Joseph Marzullo/WENN

Rob Bowman:
"I met Elaine thirteen years ago doing a workshop of a new musical called The Royal Family Of Broadway. Unfortunately, the show never took off, but we began a partnership that has changed my life. We've gotten together practically every day since, working on what must be hundreds of songs, shaping them until each arrangement is just right or tossing them out when they didn't quite make it. What I cherish the most, of course, are the times we've had hanging out, just being together. To say there have been many laughs comes as no surprise to anyone that knows her. I have learned so much from our no-holds-barred conversations about life, our joys and fears, good times and bum times. She has often told me that secrets are one of the most boring things she can think of, so anything that was remotely secret within me never stayed there for long with Elaine! And wow, all the walking, I think we've walked practically everywhere by now, this town and every other city we've ever played in. I remember when I moved to Chelsea a few years ago, she walked from the Carlyle, 76th & Madison, to my new place at 24th & 9th, we chatted for a few hours, then we walked back to the Carlyle together and worked for about five or six hours! I love hearing Elaine talk about the people she cares about, and her passion for those whose talents move her so deeply, and her urgency to let them know just how much they have affected her. I have heard the most fascinating and loving stories about her Mom & Dad and her family in Michigan, her friends and the most incredible stories about practically everyone people in show business - and rarely if ever have I heard anything unflattering about anyone. Thanks, Elaine. I love you."


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