Alec Baldwin, Harold Prince, Tina Fey, Patti LuPone and More Offer Elaine Stritch a Quotable Sendoff

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20 Apr 2013

Betty Buckley
Photo by Myriam Santos

Betty Buckley:
"Elaine Stritch is my guardian angel. She always just appears in my life, most synchronistically, when I need her counsel or guidance. It's amazing! Whenever I am in some existential despair or don't know which path to take she just shows up and sets me straight.

I used to do engagements at the Carlyle Hotel and she would sometimes venture down from her suite to my show and stand at the bar and from the back of the room and, in the middle of my set, offer me advice. My favorite quote of hers about my performances is "Betty, you need to make the martini dirtier! Add an olive or somethin'!'

Last year, as a part of my new show at Feinstein's "For the Love of Broadway," I did a song she originated in the musical Goldilocks and did a tribute to Elaine as my introduction to the song. We invited her to come. We had arranged a lovely table, and after some coaxing she arrived but insisted on standing at the back. She was dressed in a charming shirt, skirt, little shoes and matching hat. I did my tribute, and Elaine came forward to the stage and held court. It was wonderful!

I have seen her shows at the Carlyle and am always enchanted and overwhelmed at her glorious and fascinating history. It's always a privilege to see her. I love her abandon, her brashness and her heart. I love Elaine Stritch with all my heart and want to be just like her when I grow up."


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