"All the World's a Stage": One Woman's Survival Guide to Waiting in Line for Shakespeare in the Park

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22 Jun 2013

Donna Murphy in Into the Woods.
Photo by Joan Marcus

Plan Ahead
Weekends tend to be busier at the Delacorte than weekdays. If you can wait in line on a weekday, go for it. Or if there is a chance of rain, the line will be shorter, giving you a better chance of getting tickets. (Be forewarned, however, sometimes shows are canceled due to heavy rain.)

Make Yourself Comfortable
Depending on what time you get to Central Park, you will be sitting in line for anywhere between two to eight hours, on grass or pavement. You definitely want to be comfortable. A blanket or pillow are both great, as are folding chairs and yoga mats. If you plan on getting there extremely early, an inflatable mattress and sleeping bag are also an options. (I have seen — and been jealous — of people with those!)


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